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Laurent is the Head of Sales for Asia Pacific, China and India with On Air, a dedicated inflight activity solutions provider that helps people stay connected while on a flight.

On Air sets the benchmark for inflight activity solutions, enabling customers to remain connected throughout their journey.

In her position, Laurent is responsible for implementing regional sales programs, marketing strategies and maintaining sales volumes. After analyzing trends and results, Laurent forecasts and develops annual sales quotas for the regions she is responsible for and follows up on results.


On Air's major products are 'inflight connections' like WiFi and things that help people stay connected while on a flight.

Mobile on Air-With Mobile on Air passengers can use mobile phones and smart phones for voice calls, e-mail, text messaging and internet access during a flight. Everything that passengers can do with their phone on the ground is possible on board.

Internet on Air-Allows passengers to work on their laptop computers using a wire or WiFi internet connection. This solution has been design for long haul passengers and takes into account a variety of different language and payment requirements.

Contract negotiation, aviation, aeronautics, client acquisition

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